Google’s Android data manager app, Datally, has received an update that adds four new features designed to make saving data easier.

When Google released Datally in late 2017 it had features similar to other data managers, allowing users to track data use and toggle Datally’s data saver mode on and off.

In a blog describing Datally’s new features Google said that the average Datally user has saved 21% of their mobile data, which roughly amounts to not using any mobile data on Fridays.

Datally users are sure to love these four new features–they may help you get well above the average data savings the app has provided.

1. Guest mode

Users who share devices, or businesses that loan them out for travel use, can now set a data limit using Guest Mode. When under Guest Mode restrictions Datally will prevent a secondary user from bypassing a prescribed limit.

2. Daily limits

Datally now allows users to set daily data use limits, and Datally will warn users when they’re nearing their daily cap. That doesn’t mean you’ll lose data if you exceed your limit–Datally allows you to disable data or keep using it in spite of self-imposed restrictions.

3. Stop background data leaks

Google said that 20% of monthly data on the average Android device is wasted by background apps, and Datally will now help you plug those holes.

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A new Unused Apps tab shows all the apps that have been sitting idle on your device while still sucking down data, and now it’s just a single tap to delete them and preserve those precious megabytes.

4. Wi-Fi map

A new map tab will show nearby Wi-Fi networks to help you save more data, and Datally will even allow you to rate the networks so other users can see how reliable they are.

The new Datally is available now

The new Datally features make Google’s data management app an even better choice over third-party alternatives. It’s provided by a trusted vendor, it has great features, and its interface matches perfectly with the rest of Google’s material design.

If you currently use Datally you can update to the new features today, and those who want to try it out can download it on Android (sorry–there’s no iOS version) now.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Google’s Android data manager app, Datally, has four new features available starting today.
  • Datally now features a data-limiting guest mode, daily data limits, background app data tracking and management, and a Wi-Fi map that shows nearby networks and user ratings.

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