Google Developer Day scheduled in 2008

Google has announced that it will host a free new event for developers in 2008 in Sydney.

Google has announced that it will host a free new event for developers in 2008. Google Developer Day is to be held at Wharf 8, Sydney on Wednesday, 18th of June 2008. This one day event will give developers the opportunity to share knowledge of both Web application development and Google’s developer products.

"In the past year, the Web has evolved to be a more open and collaborative platform, and Australian developers have pushed us to expect new and greater things from our experience on the Web. Our upcoming Developer Day is an opportunity for the Australian developer community to learn about these innovations, to place our Australian developments in a global context, and to continue building a Web that is open and useful to developers and users alike", said Alan Noble, head of engineering for Google Australia and New Zealand.

The best amongst Sydney Google engineers, such as Lars Rasmussen, Ben Appleton, Mike Jones, Dmitri Abramov, David Day are expected to participate in the event.

On the day, a number of sessions will allow the participants to learn about rising programming trends and get practical advice on building Web applications.

The following topics will be covered:

|> AJAX & JavaScript: tools and methods to develop applications more efficiently.
|> APIs & Tools: such as the Google Web Toolkit.
|> Social: frameworks such as OpenSocial and building social applications.
|> Mobile: using technologies like Android and Mobile Gears.

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-- Posted by Lana Kovacevic