On Monday, the Financial Times reported that Google will no longer allow employees to use Microsoft Windows on all but a select few internal machines. In the past, new employees were able to choose between Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. Going forward, employees won’t be able to stay on Windows or get a new Windows machine without approval from approval from senior management.

According to Google employees quoted in the Financial Times story, two factors are driving the policy change–security and a desire to run Google on Google products. After the attack on Google’s China operations earlier this year, the company began phasing out internal use of Microsoft Windows. Google also wants to begin running the company on its own products–chiefly Chrome OS.

I’m sure there’s some truth to both reasons given for the switch, but there’s also a fair bit of Google PR here. The company gets a chance to promote their own OS and take a pot shot at its main rival–Windows.

But, it’s not Google’s move away from Windows that interests me. I’m much more interested to know if members of the TechRepublic audience are considering similar moves, and not just in the arena of desktop operating systems. Is your organization considering a totally new email, CRM solution, telecom, sales, or office suite system? If you’re moving off a system that’s been in place for many years, what’s driving such a radical change–cost, flexibility, ROI? Take the poll and let me know.