Google faces down Apple

What's the point in following Apple's rules on the iPhone SDK if other developers will just flaunt them? We check the answer out and cover the other issues from the week: OLPC, IE, Ballmer and the Internet in space.

When you become an 800-pound gorilla, throwing your weight around can certainly get results. Google didn't mind throwing its collective weight at Apple this week as the search giant admitted that it had used unpublished APIs in its iPhone search application.

The problem isn't so much that Google used the iPhone proximity sensor, rather it revealed shortcomings in Apple's iPhone App store vetting process yet again. Many developers will ask what the point is in following Apple's iPhone SDK rules if Google can walk in and ignore them.

If you have an iPhone and don't care about the App store, as your phone is jailbroken, then you too can now enjoy the iPhone 2.2 update.

On Monday the OLPC "Give 1, Get 1" program hit our local shores, and while the laptops are green and cute, the real power comes when you have a group of them in one place, such as in a school (surprise, surprise).

Keeping with the themes of bone-rattling surprises, news arrived that IE is firmly entrenched in the enterprise and will be difficult for alternate browsers to dislodge.

Now something you actually didn't expect or know: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is going to find himself deposed for no more than three hours within the next 30 days over the "Vista Capable" logo program. The plaintiffs in the case have argued that Microsoft was misleading in labelling certain machines as Vista Capable even though they lacked the graphics power to run the operating system's more advanced features.

We leave you this week with a large selection of videos: NASA has come up with a plan for getting the internet reliably into space, Club Builder looks at Jerry Yang's departure from Yahoo's CEO position, and finishing up our selection of Webjam8 videos is Charles McCathieNevile discussing Opera's Dragonfly debugger, and Enrico Teotti also spoke about sharing knowledge in the IT world accompanied by a nice Lego stormtrooper-based presentation.

Other stories we covered during the week are listed below.