Google GearsIt looks like Google is taking a step in the right direction in order for the company’s Web-based applications to truly compete with Microsoft’s desktop applications. With Google Gears, users will be able to access Google applications even when they aren’t connected to the Internet. See the CNET Networks’ story: “Google Gears churns toward Microsoft.”

Here’s a snippet from the article:

“Gears is a browser extension that will enable people to access their Web applications when working offline. It works on all major browsers and operating systems, and can be used by developers to make any application offline-enabled, not just Google programs.”

For more information about Google Gears, check out these news sources:

Being able to access applications and information offline is a huge plus, but what’s even better is that Google’s apps are open source (read: free). Do you think Google Gears has what it takes to compete with Microsoft? Join the discussion.


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