Google Gears screenshots

Here is a bit of eye candy of the new Google Gears installation and sample code.

Google Gears was released today which promises to allow developers to create offline Web apps through a browser plug-in. Here is a bit of eye candy I took while checking it out.

If you're looking for more information check out the Builder AU news piece by Chris Duckett, ZDNet Australia's video interview with Google Australia, and the Google Gears Developer Web site.

Screenshot 1

Google Gear Gallery

Google's terms and conditions for Google Gears

Screenshot 2

Google Gear Gallery

Installing Google Gears in the FireFox browser is the same as adding a plug-in

Screenshot 3

Google Gear Gallery

The XPI is around 700KB

Screenshot 4

Google Gear Gallery

The plug-in has an built-in SQL lite database to store information on a local machine

Screenshot 5

Google Gear Gallery

The Google Gears security alert. Yet another UAC-type annoyance?

Screenshot 6

Google Gear Gallery

A test run of a sample Web site to add phases to the local database

Screenshot 7

Google Gear Gallery

As you can see we've turned off our connection

Screenshot 8

Google Gear Gallery

The same application with no connection. Users can add more fields without an internet connection using Google Gears.

Screenshot 9

Google Gear Gallery

Google Gear is open source and this is just a snippet of how the new technology works.