Put a little Google in your life—Google.com that is. I first heard about this site from some friends whose lives revolve around computer games. When I checked it out, however, I decided to make it one of my regular stops when I’m searching the Web for information.

It’s clean and it’s fast
The first thing you’ll notice when you surf to Google.com is that it’s one of the plainest, cleanest-looking sites you’ve ever seen. I like that in a Web site, because some sites definitely go overboard on the “eye candy.”

Under the field where you enter your search terms, you’ll find two buttons, one labeled “Google Search” and the other labeled “I’m feeling lucky.” Both buttons search the Web, but there’s one key difference. The “I’m feeling lucky” button automatically loads the first page returned by your query. That’s a nice feature, except for the times when the first page that’s returned is dead.

Another nice feature is the “How do I interpret the results” link that appears after a full Google search. It’s a nice touch for beginners. The page also tells you how long (in hundredths of seconds) the search took.

Uncle Sam and Linux
At this writing Google.com offers two “special” search options. One link searches “millions of government documents,” a feature that comes in handy if you’re looking for the results of all those government-sponsored research projects you’ve heard about.

The other special link searches Linux resources. So, if you’re thinking about or you’re already using Linux—for work or play or both—Google.com is a great site to bookmark for those times when you need some information about this new operating system.

If you’re one of those people who can’t stand banner ads, you’ll love Google.com. There’s a link to jobs available at Google—pretty much a standard feature for most sites—as well as a link labeled “About Google” that has some entertaining and informative links.
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