From via Digg:

“Today, Google has its hands in web search, email, online

videos, calendars, news, blogs, desktop search, photo sharing, online

payments, social networking, instant messaging, WiFi, word processors,

web hosting, web browser, search tool bars, spreadsheets, discussion

groups, maps and more. Before long, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo! and eBay maneuvered to encapsulate

Google’s ever-growing strength. Over two hundred years ago, Emperor

Napoleon, the Google of his day, found himself in a similar situation.

Russia, Prussia, Austria and Britain had decided to go to war.”

There are some interesting parallels between Google and Napolean, depending on how you want to interpret history. In broad strokes, they were both upstart conquerors who became the most feared power in their respective worlds incredibly quickly, then found themselves in a fight for survival with the previously established heavyweights of the day. While that may seem like a quant military-to-business analogy, this author argues that Google is using Napoleanic tactics to ream Microsoft–and is doing so very effectively.

What’s interesting about the Google-Napolean parallels is the notion that Napolean was eventually defeated–he did not pass on, but was destroyed. Following the author’s logic, Google is not long for this Earth, not as a serious power anyway. Once the old guard (Microsoft & Yahoo) has slowly, painfully marshalled its forces against Google, “Don’t Be Evil” Incorporated is headed for a Waterloo. So says this author.