Google continues to lead the search engine race by a fair margin in part because they are constantly “tweaking” the algorithm that drives their search engine. The team that handles the updates are treated as trade secrets and the leader of that team has very limited access to the press. The details of the search giant’s algorithm is detailed and interesting only to bona fide geeks, but the few details that can be had only whet the appetite for the true secrets inside Google’s “black box.”

Google keeps tweaking its search engine (CNET)

Google also continues to draw viewers to their proprietary content and is busily adding an eclectic mix of new features and services. The comments, both positive and negative, surrounding their “Street View” have been plentiful and early reviews of the “Google Docs and Spreadsheets” have been complimentary. Still, the deals that Google is making are large and risky, but Google has been making the best of its risky moves for quite some time.

Google Maps takes it to the streets (CNET)

Google Docs & Spreadsheets (PC Magazine)

What Google bought in the past 12 months (PC World, Australia)

I am a self admitted Google convert. It is easy for me to find just about anything I want, particularly since I grew up in the heyday of Altavista, when you had to use various operators to get anything usable in a search. I am also very happy with the versatility of the Docs and Spreadsheets along with various toys from Google Labs. My personal favorite is Gmail, the first of the ad-based email services to give out over 2 GB of storage space (mine is 46% full).

Is Google likely to become the same hated nemesis that Microsoft has been to so many for so long? Is the power of search too much for one company to handle all alone? What is your favorite Google service? Join the discussion.