To better help businesses remain compliant with the the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), KPMG has partnered with Google Cloud to release an assessment tool to KPMG clients, the pair announced in a Wednesday press release.

According to its product page, the joint solution aims to lower the total cost of GDPR compliance and better the customer experience in the process. The partnership can help customers industrialize their processes and controls, better leverage the data they have, and eliminate data they don’t need.

While the May 25 deadline for compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come and gone, that doesn’t mean that every company met it–especially those outside the EU that serve EU customers. The Google and KPMG tool’s three-phase solution could potentially help these client firms accelerate their compliance initiatives while maintaining strong data analytics.

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The first phase involves creating a GDPR repository in Google Cloud, where certain client data will be sent after an initial scan has taken place. This is also where data lifecycles are established, security and encryption are built out, and customer-facing apps are connected, the product page noted.

Because of the focus GDPR places on essential data, the second phase involves switching off non-essential customer systems “until they can be reviewed and either reengineered or decommissioned,” the product page said. During this phase, client-facing employees will be trained on GDPR as well.

In the third step, the repository in Google Cloud will expand to become the “master version of all customer data,” the product page said. Decommissioned systems are now removed, and advanced analytics and other tools are put to work leveraging customer data.

KPMG Intelligent Interactions will also be available on Google Cloud, the companies announced. “The solution automates and enhances customer interactions by using ML technology, including Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and Translate APIs, to determine sentiment and intent,” the release said.

For more information on the Google Cloud/KPMG partnership, read the partner page on KPMG’s website.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • KPMG and Google Cloud have partnered to provide a GDPR assessment tool that could make it easier for KPMG clients to remain compliant in the cloud.
  • Part of KPMG’s GDPR plan involves customers creating a GDPR repository in Google Cloud that will eventually become the master version of all customer data.