Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Google launched the Gmail Developer Preview of AMP for Email, enabling new levels of interaction and collaboration within emails.
  • Google’s AMP for Email will make the content in emails more up-to-date and actionable, improving productivity in the process.

Google launched the Gmail Developer Preview of AMP for Email on Tuesday, opening up new capabilities for developers to make content in emails more usable and up-to-date. The announcement was detailed in an official Google blog post.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and it was started as an open source publishing project to speed up mobile webpages. It uses a modified form of HTML and CSS to make pages more lightweight and to help them load faster, but AMP’s capabilities have since expanded beyond that.

With this announcement, Google wants to bring the power of AMP to email, which it argues in the post is “one of the most popular places where people spend their time.” And modernizing email with AMP could have some interesting effects.

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AMP for Email will focus heavily on the content within an email. Specifically, it will help make sure the content is up-to-date and relevant, the post said, but also that users will be able to interact with that content more readily.

One example of how this could play out is in scheduling an important work meeting, the post said. If one person wants to book a meeting, but they can’t see the other person’s calendar, that process can be difficult. With AMP for Email, though, they simply send an email asking for the other person’s availability, and the two will be able to coordinate on a form within the email–they won’t need to be redirected to another webpage.

“AMP for Email could also help you get more done in less time by allowing you to quickly RSVP to events, browse and interact with listings and campaigns, or fill out a questionnaire without ever leaving email,” the post said.

Another example could be a company using an embedded form to have a customer file a service request, or give feedback.

According to the post, Pinterest,, and Doodle are already working with AMP for Email. The specs for the feature are available now, and support will roll out to Gmail later in 2018. AMP for Email is open, so other email clients can use it as well, the post said.