Google launches Apps Marketplace

Google launches and app store, while Mozilla plans to re-write its open-source license. More of this week's news in the Roundup.

In a bid to entice businesses to switch to cloud-based applications, Google has launched an app store where customers can purchase third-party programs that complement the Google Apps suite.

Mozilla is aiming to make amends to its open-source licence, written over 10 years ago, by October or November this year. One of the changes is to make the Mozilla Public License MPL compatible with the Apache licence.

The World Wide Web Consortium W3C has employed a new CEO, the former Novell chief technology officer, Jeff Jaffe. Jaffe plans to build better relations with the external developer community involved in W3C's working groups.

Google has released Android Native Developer Kit (NDK) version 3, with support for the graphics API, OpenGL ES 2.0, also supported by iPhone 3GS.

The hype surrounding Apple's iPad is to come to an end in late April, when both 3G and Wi-Fi models become available in Australia. The pricing details for the device are still unknown.

An Aussie security company Sense of Security has discovered a vulnerability in Apache for Windows, affecting versions 2.2.14 and below that could give an attacker full access to a system. Users are advised to upgrade to version 2.2.15 in which the flaw has been addressed.

Microsoft is to release Office 2010 to businesses on 13 May, followed by a release to the general public in June. Customers who buy Office 2007 in the approaching months will be able to upgrade to the new version for free.

Also making news this week, version 4.0 of OpenGL was released, Cisco announced CRS-3, the successor to its CRS-1 router, while Sun revealed that it was threatened by both Microsoft and Apple for infringing their patents.

Lastly, take a look at this footage of the protest against the government's internet filter in Melbourne.

--Posted by Lana Kovacevic.