Google Maps for iOS update could make it easier to get to work on time

The Google Maps feature, which brings in real-time commute data, launched on Android a year ago.

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Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:
  • Google Maps users on iOS can use real-time traffic information to predict how long their commute will be, whether using public or private transit.
  • The new-to-iOS feature could help professionals be punctual and better know if they may be late for a meeting or event.

iOS users can now predict how long their commute will be on Google Maps, a year after the feature launched for Android, the company said in a Thursday blog post.

Using real-time traffic and public transportation data, Google Maps will estimate how long it will take someone to get from their home to the office, using both public and private transportation, the post said. The feature could help professionals more effectively get to work on time, regardless of the traffic that day.

At the bottom of a map, the user can swipe up to reveal three tabs: Explore, driving, and transit. The driving and transit options will give information on car and public transit, including traffic, bus and train recommendations, and schedules.

To access commute ETAs, users need to have their home and work addresses saved in Google Maps, regardless of if they're using public transportation or driving, according to the post.

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The explore tab can help find nearby restaurants and attractions, including everyday spots like ATMs, and then help you get there. Business travelers trying to navigate a new city could find this helpful, whether they're trying to find a lunch spot or driving on a new set of streets.

The feature could also help professionals be punctual for other events, including business lunches, meetings, and conferences.

The new option comes after multiple changes to Google Maps over the past year, including a new color scheme in November 2017, real-time crowd tracking in November 2016, and pinpointing where you parked in March 2017.

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