The biggest tech companies are as good at building their brands as they are building products and services. In a recent survey of tech workers, Hired found that the majority of respondents want to work for established tech companies on the West Coast. Google, Netflix, and Apple won in the top 3 spots among public companies in this survey of companies with the most desirable brand. Google’s brand scored 87 at the top of the list with Netflix at 82 and Apple at 77 in second and third. Twitter earned a 60 in spot number 15. Public companies had lower brand scores overall ranging from 76 to 40.

While there are no surprises on among the public companies, the list of top 15 private companies presents more interesting results. San Francisco and Los Angeles dominate this group too, but three companies in New York City and one in Austin made the list as well. This was the first appearance on the list for 12 of the companies.

The private company list includes more variety than the public company list as well:

On the private company list, Airbnb has the highest brand positivity score at 76 while coinbase, in spot Number 15, scored a 40.

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What about the world outside California?

In addition to the Top 15 lists, Hired looked at companies in individual markets in places such as Chicago, Toronto, or London, which is helpful if you don’t want to live on either coast of America or in the US.

Source: Hired 2019 Global Brand Health Report

Source: Hired 2019 Global Brand Health Report

Source: Hired 2019 Global Brand Health Report

How to get potential hires to take your call

Hiring is an expensive and potentially frustrating process. In addition to asking where people want to work, Hired asked what strategies will most likely to catch a potential employee’s interest. Here are some tactics to adopt to increase your chances of finding the right person:

  • Have a brand message that illustrates your company’s culture, values, and mission
  • Personalize your outreach to candidates by writing emails that reflect the person’s background
  • Share the salary range early on during the hiring process to save time on both sides
  • Establish a transparent compensation structure that includes how salaries are determined and the timeline for raises and promotions
  • Invest in management training so employees don’t leave due to a bad boss