Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Google introduces Stackdriver Profiler as a new developer tool that improves performance and lowers computational costs.
  • Google’s Stackdriver Debugger offers breakpoint-style debugging for apps running in production.

On Wednesday, Google Cloud introduced Stackdriver Profiler, a new developer tool that analyzes how code for an app runs in production and helps optimize performance while lowering the operating cost associated with its compute.

As noted in a Google blog post, Stackdriver Profiler joins a portfolio of other Application Performance Management (APM) tools like Stackdriver Trace and Debugger. Stackdriver Profiler is now in beta.

Mapping performance across a development environment is possible, but it’s often not exactly representative of app performance in production. Stackdriver Profiler could offer developers an easier way to optimize their apps in the cloud and save money on operating costs, especially for memory-intensive apps.

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“If you don’t analyze code execution in production, unexpectedly resource-intensive functions increase the latency and cost of web services every day, without anyone knowing or being able to do anything about it,” according to the blog post.

Stackdriver Profiler can analyze code execution across all environments, according to the post. The service also runs continually, and it works with particular statistical methods to limit the potential impact it could have on target codebases, the post said.

“Stackdriver Profiler collects data via lightweight sampling-based instrumentation that runs across all of your application’s instances,” the post said. “It then displays this data on a flame chart, presenting the selected metric (CPU time, wall time, RAM used, contention, etc.) for each function on the horizontal axis, with the function call hierarchy on the vertical axis.”

Stackdriver Profiler supports Java, Go, Node.JS, and Python, the post noted.

As part of the announcement, Google also revealed a new integration between Stackdriver Debugger and GitHub Enterprise and GitLab, making code mirroring available in more places.

Additionally, Google is bringing multi-project support to Trace in the coming weeks.