When we started the Google in the Enterprise Blog on TechRepublic back in June 2011, I reached out to find contributing writers with strong credentials. During that process I found Kevin Purdy after an introduction from Gina Trapani (Thanks Gina). Since June, Kevin has provided some terrific insight into Google, Google Apps, and how it all comes together in the enterprise.

Missing manuals

However, besides receiving insightful contributions for the blog week-to-week from Kevin, TechRepublic also gets an inside track on his other endeavors, such as his latest book for O’Reilly Publishing, Google+: The Missing Manual. The Missing Manual series is great source of documentation for those things that don’t really have documentation of their own – at least not located in one integrated easily-digestible source.

Kevin and the staff at O’Reilly have given TechRepublic a sample chapter of Google+: The Missing Manual which we are providing as a free download in the PDF format. The sample chapter covers the Google+ Hangout feature and includes tips on setting up a Hangout session and on what you can do once you have a Hangout up and running.

This form of interaction is more than just a fun way to socialize with friends, because in the not so distant future you may very well find yourself attending business meetings with this or similar technology. The potential for productivity increases using social business media is just too great for competitive enterprises to ignore. Learning the ins and outs of Google+ Hangouts could give you a head start on an innovation that could be commonplace before your know it.

Download the sample chapter from the TechRepublic Directory. The chapter also includes the table of contents for the complete book.

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