The above data is presented in millions of Web sites. April’s survey consists of a total of 165,719,150 sites — 3.1 million sites more than last month. The bulk of the additional sites hails from the United States, though it is skewed by the 1.1 million sites coming from Google’s Blogger service alone.

Apache is still easily the king of the hill, with just over half of the sites surveyed running on it. Coming in second, Microsoft garnered 35% of sites. What is surprising is how Google managed to grab a full 6% of the pie. The reason behind it could be the rampant proliferation of spam blogs, accounting for the month-on-month increase of 1.1 million sites.

What determines your choice of Web server to use?

[Source: You can read the blog entry with the original data from Netcraft here]


Netcraft is an Internet services company based in England. According to the Netcraft Web site, it is funded through retained profit and derives its revenue — other than advertising on its Web site, from providing Internet security services and providing research data and analysis on various facets of the Internet.