Google has open-sourced Closure Tools — a tool set designed to speed up the development of JavaScript apps and make them run more efficiently.

If you are concerned about the privacy of your Google account data, the search giant has introduced Google Dashboard, which is a snapshot of all your data stored on its servers. The service will give you the option of deleting the data or changing the privacy setting.

Firefox 3.6b1 is out, offering faster JavaScript execution, enhanced geolocation support and skins dubbed Personas. Mozilla has also built some of the Windows 7 features into this new beta. The final release of 3.6 is expected to be out in December.

A new iteration of Chrome is also available, but for Windows users only. Chrome 4.0 beta comes with the bookmark sync feature, which was previously available in the developer preview. Unfortunately, support for extensions hasn’t made it into this beta.

Also making news this week, Red Hat has released Virtualisation Hypervisor and Virtualisation Manager for Servers; a zero-day vulnerability has been exposed in TLS and SSL protocols; and just two weeks after its launch, Windows 7 usage seems to be taking off.

–Posted by Lana Kovacevic.