Users may notice slight changes when they open Google on June 14th.

In a Thursday blog post, Google announced that they would be making design changes to the sign-in page. The updates follow Google’s Material Design standard, a hybrid approach to web design that blends flat design principles with shadows and gradients.

Since Google’s 2014 release of Material Design, a feature meant to help developers create more visually pleasing products, Google has been making changes to follow Material Design standards. The company has also been updating its stable of products to follow Material Design standards, and now it’s coming to the sign-in page.

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Here’s what the old sign-in page looks like:

And here’s what the new sign-in page will look like:

The blog post detailed the new changes, which include an updated logo and an outline around the text field. The biggest change, however, was the center alignment of all items on the screen.

These changes may generate phishing questions for some users, since they’ll be slightly different than what they’re used to seeing, but they need not be concerned.

Users who are concerned about phishing, though, can follow TechRepublic’s 10 tips for spotting a phishing scam. Of those tips, the top three are:

  1. The message contains a mismatched URL
  2. URLs contain a misleading domain name
  3. The message contains poor spelling and grammar

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Google has updated its sign-in page to follow its Material Design standard.
  • Google’s new look may generate phishing concerns for corporate users. Leaders should reassure them of their security.