While doing a search on Google for some latest news, I put in the keyword “Floppy Disk.” Google found some relevant articles, but when it suggested related searches, it came up with something weird.


Google’s usually pretty useful in finding information buried in the Web and stuff going on in the news. So, when I decided to search Google News for some current events around old technology, I typed in a few keywords.

Most of the keyword searches didn’t turn up anything new that was interesting to report about. Amusingly enough when I entered searches for 80286 and 80386,  my Classics Rock post Looking back at the IBM PS/2 came out on top.

What was kind of bizarre, however, was what happened when I searched Google News using the keyword “Floppy Disk.” Nothing interesting came up to talk about in the news feeds, but Google displayed this in the Searches Related To area:

Now, what converting to Islam , or for that matter what the U.S. Navy, has to do with floppy disks I’m not sure. Combining the key phrases “convert to islam” and “floppy disk” didn’t produce anything on Google News. However, doing a standard Google Web search produced an article that’s over 6 months old concerning a U.S. Navy sailor who converted to Islam and had stored battle plans for a carrier group on a floppy disk that was hidden in his bedroom.

Most likely this is where Google decided to get the related alerts from, but it sure seems like a bit of a stretch. It’s almost as if Google got an earworm or something.

I guess I should be careful searching on Google for stuff like that or I could wind up in trouble.