All things Google!

Did I miss something?

Probably, but It gets more and more difficult to keep up with innovations

as I get older, really though, don’t recall seeing the extra entry on the Gmail toolbar until a

few minutes ago.

It is probably just senility (which can be a great comfort

to some of us elders, letting us forget when we actually used Turbo Pascal), but, although it may just be old age, I also only REALLY look at web

sites in detail when I am reviewing them or am looking for something specific, but I never

noticed it before and it may be new so I thought I’d get my two cents in quick,

before Katie Couric (talking head and expert on EVERYTHING, and out to rescue CBS, came along and scooped me, ME, a humble technology

journalist with a REAL education and 40+ years’ experience.)

 ANYWAY (as semiliterate teens seem to say a LOT – the only word teenage girls seem to have learned other than “whatever” which is used every few seconds to conceal their complete state of ignorance), Gmail now
has a nice Calendar function, along with an ONLINE  SPREADSHEET! 

Both are in beta, but

Google keeps things in Beta for years, often until they actually work. That is certainly a

nice change from Microsoft, which releases products and charges for them when

other companies would still label them “Alpha” versions or even “concepts”.

So, this posting is in the way of a heads-up only – I haven’t had a

second to play with either new feature yet, so they may be crap, but is something you should

check out and, unless I miss my bet, about all Google needs to take over the

world is a decent word processor with about 5 basic fonts AND a ONE (1) line

user agreement!

Microsoft could learn a lot from Google, it could, that is, if the founder wasn’t off saving the world with OUR money.
 (SORRY, I just got a bill for MSDN Universal.)