Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Google is using Reddit to collect feedback about its Pixel smartphone, potentially using the comments and requests to improve the device’s settings.
  • The most popular request currently: An option to not automatically connect to a network, alongside the forget network feature.

Google is using Reddit to crowdsource improvement ideas for the next Pixel model, receiving nearly 1,300 comments in one day.

Users can post comments and requests regarding the phone’s settings and features, and others can up or down vote the posts to signify that Google should consider a request or not. Turning to Reddit, whose users tend to be tech-focused, could help Google build a more user-friendly phone with settings people really want.

As of the time of posting, the most popular request asks for an option to not automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network.

“There are networks I don’t want my phone trying to connect to automatically, but do need on rare occasions,” user tstrmr wrote.

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In Google’s initial post, it said it was looking for suggestions regarding device settings and configuration, focusing on five areas. Settings you constantly change yourself, you wish you found sooner, the phone should be smarter about, the phone could remind you about, and you turned off during initial setup are all on the list.

While the post focuses on configuration, the crowdsourcing model could expand to discuss other feature or product requests in the future. Using Reddit, which allows other users to comment tips or voice agreement to requests, could organically grow conversation, helping companies determine what users want.

The method also allows for user-to-user interaction, so they can share device tricks so others can get more out of their devices.

While the requests could be used in future devices, Google said it doesn’t have any feature or product plans ready to announce in its initial post.