I would love to use Google Wallet. Unfortunately, it’s rather challenging to find shops, restaurants, and services that support any form of digital pay where I live. They have the technology, they just haven’t enabled said technology (for either Google Wallet or Apple Pay). This issue has been a major stumbling block for Google to gain any momentum with their payment system.

However, that will change very soon. Google has announced a deal with WePay that will enable online retailers to make Wallet available. From my perspective, this does two things:

  • Gives Wallet a major boost
  • Makes online shopping more secure

Many online shoppers I know, when given the option, go directly to PayPal. Why? The easiest way to prevent your stolen credit card information from online databases is to not use those cards while shopping. To that end, using PayPal makes perfect sense. But some users aren’t so sold on PayPal. I sell products outside of Amazon and, when I do, a good number of consumers don’t want to use PayPal. Being able to offer Google Wallet would be a major boon to me as a seller. As a buyer? This is a serious win. Not only will it add yet another payment option, but it also means shopping online with your Android device will become even more secure.

Since I’ve owned a smartphone, I’ve refused to make purchases from my mobile devices, especially when I’m on a Wi-Fi network that I don’t know can be trusted or on my carrier’s network. There’s too much room for error and transmitting credit card information across networks. A Google Wallet option is a game changer. I’d no longer hesitate to make purchases on-the-go.

But what about the benefit for Google? Simple. Because of the hesitancy of so many retail outlets to adopt digital payments, this deal with WePay will give Wallet the boost and the “cred” it needs — to the tune of over 200,000 online retailers and funding platforms (like GoFundMe). Very soon, online shoppers should see Wallet buttons (next to the PayPal and major credit card buttons) popping up.

Google released the Instant Buy API in 2013. PayPal was launched in 1998, so it’s had far more time to gain a foothold in the online payment space. But once Google Wallet buttons start appearing, anyone with an Android device would be smart to go with the integrated option.

Some online retailers have already rolled out the Google Wallet option. Newegg, for instance, proudly displays the Buy With Google button alongside PayPal and other credit card options. More online retailers will come on board soon (if they haven’t already).

The WePay deal also makes it possible for app developers to make use of Google Wallet for in-app and other purchases. If you have a small business and offer a mobile app to make mobile purchasing easier, you can now roll in a Google Wallet payment option.

Win-win for everyone involved. Period.

It’s my hopes that, as more online retailers pick up Google Wallet as a payment options, brick and mortar shops will follow suit — even in smaller towns. With a growing number of hacks, and the US still way behind in the chip and pin card roll out, having the Google Wallet option makes perfect sense for retailers (both online and offline). And now, when I see that option available online, I’ll be more apt to purchase when I’m on my Android smartphone.

If you haven’t set up Google Wallet yet, check out my post “How to set up Google Wallet for easy, secure payments” for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Do you think the Google deal with WePay will help the Google Wallet cause? Will being able to purchase online with Wallet make you less hesitant to shop online with your smartphone? Let us know your thoughts in the discussion thread below.