The popularity of Internet search continues to grow daily, and the most popular search engine to date is Google, according to a recent survey by Hitwise. CNET Network’s covered this survey in a recent article, which you can read in its entirety: “Survey: Google draws 64 percent of search queries.”

Here’s a brief excerpt from the article, “The number of search queries on Google rose to 64.1 percent in March, compared with 63.9 percent in February and 58.3 percent a year ago, according to Hitwise, which bases its report on the surfing habits of 10 million U.S. Web users.”

Of course, a story like this holds a fairly large appeal, and so several other news publications crafted their own spin on the survey. Feel free to take a look at these other news flavors:

What’s your favorite search engine and why? Join this discussion, and let us know.

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