Google: Your hotel, flight planning just got much easier with mobile search

Google wants its search to be the one-stop shop for all trip and accommodation planning.

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This article originally appeared on ZDNet.

Following Google's updates to make search more visual and faster on mobile, the company will soon roll out new time-saving features in mobile search for planning travel.

The company is aiming for Search to be the go-to app for all travel-planning needs by cutting down time spent on preparing for trips using mobile.

Even before anything's booked, Search will offer suggestions, such as things to do, and then as flight and hotel confirmations roll into Gmail, it will use these to personalize trip recommendations in search results.

Google is also building on the travel-planning features it introduced to mobile search earlier this year, which added a new hotel search tab next to flight search, as well as a Your Trips feature that contains a summary of future and past travel reservations.

Your Trips can be accessed in Search by typing in 'my trips' or tapping the Your Trips tab from Google Flights or Hotels. Google also has the Your Trips Android and iOS app for offline access to travel plans.

The new feature coming next month will let users pick up a travel plan later and continue working on it after leaving Google Search.

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"For example, if you've recently started looking at traveling to Milan, we'll show you potential trip information in Your Trips like flight prices you're tracking (if you have any), destination-specific flight and hotel searches, and places you've saved," Google explains.

"That way, you can easily pick up your travel research when you come back to Google."

It's also expanding a Google Flights feature that offers users historical price-trend data for key travel periods, which could assist with picking the cheapest time to book a flight or finding cheap destinations during a holiday season.

Google already has the data available for Thanksgiving, and is now adding data for Christmas and New Year. This feature will roll out globally in coming weeks, according to Google.

To see the type of price-trend information that Google may show, its recently launched infographic tool can be set to display flight-trend data and hotel deals for Thanksgiving or the Christmas break.

Google will also roll out new location scores for hotels when searching for a particular hotel, which is based on information from Google Maps, such as proximity to bars, landmarks, and public transport.

The company also wants to be at the center of your group planning too, via a new feature in Google Maps that lets users create shareable shortlists of restaurants.

Long-pressing a location on the list will add it to a bubble on the side of the screen, which can be shared via any messaging app.

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