Finally, subtle indicators suggest that Google’s storage in the sky, GDrive, may come alive for users in a couple of months.

An excerpt from ZDNet:

If this sounds familiar it is. Rumors of Gdrive have been around for months. Gdrive went from a dead project in August to being a part of Google Apps in September to losing a key developer to Facebook. Google is serious though since it secured a bunch of name servers.

The Journal plays up the Microsoft competition a bit, but the software giant has had a similar service for months. Google seems to be a bit late to the party — Windows Live Skydrive,, Xdrive and Omnidrive are already up and running — and there isn’t a lot of new information today

For more than a year now, there have been rumors about Google’s online storage service becoming available. Several of Google’s services, such as Google Base and Google Page Creator, are more tailored services that essentially provide storage.

Also, with Google’s Gmail Web mail service, there were several hacks that enabled unbridled storage (but were not guaranteed to always work).

While several factors may have resulted in a delay of this service, it will be interesting to see whether Google’s storage solution can gain as much attention as it did with Gmail’s arrival in 2004.

What new features would you want in the new storage solution to prefer it over the competition?