Got a dicey situation at work that you’re not sure how to handle? If so, throw it out to your peers, and see if they can help you come up with a solution.


In my last few blogs, I’ve included an editor’s note at the end asking you guys to send in any perplexing issues you have about life in the IT world or just the workplace in general. But then I thought, there’s a good chance that people reading my blog might fall asleep or punch their fists through their monitors before they get to the end. So I’m going to reiterate the call to action here.

Is there an issue that is currently keeping you up at night? Is the boss asking you to do something illegal with data? Maybe one of your co-workers makes a living by stealing your hard work and taking credit for it. Whatever the case, just send the story or description of the situation to this e-mail address and, if it’s chosen, I will present it in my Friday blog, and we’ll open it up for discussion among your peers. (You will remain completely anonymous.)