Is your job at risk? Given the tempestuous economic climate in which we’re mired, it’s a question we should probably all be thinking about.

IT has always been a dynamic field with new opportunities fueling a high degree of employee turnover. These days, though, many IT pros are on the move because they’ve fallen victim to downsizing or company insolvency. Rather than go down with the ship, still others have abandoned their posts based on the warning signs they’ve perceived within their organizations.

No matter the reason, if you’re looking for a new job, TechRepublic’s key career links download, prepared by contributor Suman Bolar, provides a valuable compilation of online resources to help you with career advice, salary comparisons, and job postings. Download this list for free and keep it on hand as a comprehensive career resource.

Salary information
Although times are tough, this should not dissuade you from seeking reasonable compensation when vying for a job. ZDNet’s Salary Zone is one of several Web sites that allow you to compare salaries based on job title and geographic location. The results are compiled via an online survey, so you can contribute your own earnings and add value to the site’s comparative data. is another site that offers salary survey results based on specific demographics like age, education, location, and gender. The site also has a “salary ticker” section that displays survey results and updates on the hour.

To learn about more sites like these, click this link to download our compilation of links to career resources.

Career advice
Although there are several sites that IT pros can access for career advice, Executive Career Counselor targets executive-level IT professionals. You can submit queries to the site’s executive search specialist, Mark Polansky, or read what others are asking about in the categorized archives. also features a searchable database of questions that have been addressed by experts in specific fields. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have more insight or information than what’s offered, the site allows you to sign up so you can share your knowledge with peers.

Find more career advice sites by downloading our career links list.

Job postings is one of several links on our download that provides IT job postings. The site features both domestic and international job postings and allows visitors to research Fortune 1000 companies that advertise positions on the site. also offers a “CareerExchange Live” feature that allows visitors to interact with recruiters via an instant-messaging type of interface.

For more job posting sites, click here for our compilation of links.