Next up for our grade-you-job poll results is IT Consultant. Here are links to the results of other job polls if you’re interested:

A couple of great points were made in the discussion following the poll. In some cases, as HAL 9000 pointed out, the money never seems enough. He said, It’s all the other things that go along with the Consulting, The Insurance Cover you need, the Tax Issues of being Self Employed or worse running a company with staff. No matter how many hours you put in for the client you just know you have at least double that time to run the business and that doesn’t generate any income though it may save you quite a lot in Fines from places like the Tax Man it doesn’t put a single cent into your pocket.

However, as StartMyConsultingBusiness pointed out, the situation could be different depending on your niche: Being in the right niche makes all the difference.

I know plenty of consultants who have chosen a very general niche, and as a result, struggle to find work and are paid a much lower rate. I happen to be very fortunate to be in a tiny niche which pays quite well (database/software consulting for law firms who use a specific enterprise application).

Here are the poll results:

How would you rate the stress level of your job?

How would you rate your compensation?

How easy is it to find a job in your field?

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your job?