We’ve had a great response to the grade-your-job polls we’ve been running. I will be displaying the results of each job position and then will combine all the results for those of you contemplating a change of specialty or for those who are entering the IT field for the first time.

I should mention that in the discussion following the original polls, many members expressed the thought that all aspects of the IT programmer job have been endangered due to offshoring. As TechRepublic member reisen55 said:

“India. That’s it. American management sees Info Tech as an expense pure and simple, not an integral part of their business, as it has become. And India is rife with fresh and eager college puppies who are just READY to begin writing code at $2 an hour. Try living on that here, first off.”

On the topic of stress level, here were the results:

On the topic of how easy it is to find a job in the field, these were the results:

On the what compensation was like:

And overall satisfaction: