Leave it to Weird Al to sum up the ultimate geek incarnation via hard-core West Coast rap; his “White & Nerdy” is hilarious by audio alone, but the video takes it to a whole new dorktacular level.

For example, you’ll note that it’s Seth Green–he of Robot Chicken and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame–that is Vanna White-ing Weird Al’s action figure collection in the video. Bill Gates, Pee Wee Herman, and Albert Einstein(!) are in his Top 8 MySpace places. There’s a cameo by a Star Wars Kid analogue, a load of integral calculus running in the background (if anybody can recognize the equations, I’d love to know), and he makes a backstreet deal for a bootleg of the Star Wars Holiday Special. I can’t quite identify the guy in the sportcoat who is Al’s backup dancer, but if you know the name, give the guy a shout-out.

Bear in mind, I’m not suggesting that all Geekend readers are white, male, or nerdy, let alone all three. I am suggesting that the uber-geek described in this send-up shares an unusually high number of interests and ideosyncracies with a wide swath of my friends and fans. He is our paragon, and we are but shadows on his dialectic cave wall. Plus, any excuse to embed a YouTube video.