Two products for charging mobile devices with sunlight and water are glimpses at the way things will emerge in the future.

An excerpt from PC World:

Voltaic Systems’ Generator briefcase, scheduled for release this spring at a not-so-cheap $599, lets you plug your laptop into a rechargeable battery inside the case. A solar panel that covers one of the briefcase’s sides provides the power.

The HydroPak is the first water-powered, fuel-cell, hydrogen-generating charger that I’ve ever seen. Horizon Fuel Cell Technology, which makes the fuel cell, and Millennium Cell, which makes the hydrogen generator, have teamed up to create a line of products that can charge a laptop or a smaller gadget such as a phone or iPod.

Renewable sources of energy that pack power while the user is on the move is indeed great tech to look forward to. Research is going on to find methods to increase the charge capacity of present day batteries as well.