Like the proverbial bad penny, I keep turning up. I used to work for CNET, twice in fact, and now I’m back writing for them on this blog.

I started at CNET as an editor and writer, back in the early days. The company had already launched, but not much else. I helped launch the original site back in the day, but I decided I didn’t want to just write about these emerging Web technologies, I wanted to do. So I moved over to a software engineering role, working on various CNET sites such as

Then for some stupid reason I decided to try my hand as a high-paid analyst for Jupiter Communications, back in the pre-bubble days. I soon realized that (a) it wasn’t that high-paying, (b) I missed having my hands in the actual code, and (c) I hated wearing a suit. So I boomeranged back to CNET (a common event back in those days) to work on

Eventually CNET shipped me off to the Louisville office to work for TechRepublic. There I did kind of a combo job, where I did a bit of editing and writing plus coding on the JSP templates a fair bit as well.

About a year ago I once again felt that I needed a change, and so now I’m working as an Intranet developer for a different company based here in Louisville. I love the job but it’s not a publishing company so there’s little real opportunity to write. And I do miss the writing part, so I’m going to try my hand at posting to this blog.

Justin does a great job with the big-picture kinds of posts he writes, so I’m going to try and stay out of his way. I’ll be posting tips, tricks, bitches about particular bugs I’ve run into, in general just focusing on the day-to-day stuff of my life as a software programmer. Hopefully it will be a good complement to what Justin writes about, though I’m afraid I won’t ever be as interesting or thought-provoking. But I hope at least some of you will find it useful.

I’m excited to be back, wish me luck!