Anti-virus and firewall vendor Grisoft will acquire Exploit Prevention Labs, a firm with expertise in defense against Web 2.0-based attacks and real-time attack analysis.

An excerpt from SearchSecurity:

“We saw some specific developments that made this [acquisition] mandatory, mainly the fact that Web 2.0-based attacks represent the biggest security problem out there today,” said Grisoft Managing Director, Rick Carlson. “If you look at how the Alicia Keys and Al Gore Web sites have been hacked and how more Web sites are being used to hide malware, this is an accelerating problem and Exploit Prevention Labs’ technology is currently the only reasonable solution on the market.”

Exploit Prevention Labs is known for its LinkScanner product. Grisoft CEO JR Smith believes that EPL’s real-time traffic analysis has several advantages over the database-driven approach used by many anti-virus vendors.

With a user base of more than 60 million, Grisoft is the fourth largest anti-virus vendor with its AVG anti-virus suite.

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