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Group database objects for easy retrieval in Access

Has your Access database gotten out of control? If your file contains more tables, forms, and general data than can easily be digested, you can group together your most used objects. Mary Ann Richardson explains how to make Access shortcuts for easy access.

If an Access database consists of a few objects, it is relatively easy to find a needed report or form from the database window. But if the database consists of hundreds of tables, reports, and forms, it will take awhile for users to find the exact report or form they need to do their job.

One way to make the task easier is to group objects together that are used most frequently. For example, say you need to look up data on one form every day and print out a specific report every week. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on Forms under Objects in the Database window. Right-click the Data Entry Form.
  2. Move to Add To Group and select New Group.
  3. Enter My Group and click OK.
  4. Click on Reports under Objects in the Database window. Right-click the report you need to print.
  5. Move to Add To Group and select My Group.

When you click on My Group under Objects, you will see shortcuts to the form and report. To access the form, click the form shortcut; to access the report, click the shortcut to the report.

Note that if you delete a shortcut from your group, it does not delete the object—only the shortcut to it.

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