A couple weeks ago, a TechRepublic member sent me a private message, asking me if I could send him or her resources on how to hack. I usually am pretty quick to respond to members and provide help when I’m able, but I immediately felt a little suspicious about this particular message. I ended up not responding – not even an explanation why I wasn’t going to help this member hack. However, here’s a great news story for anyone who’s interested in learning more about hacking: “University opens school for hackers.”

According to this story, “The University of Abertay in Dundee will run the Bachelor of Science undergraduate course in ‘Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures’ from the start of the next academic year in October… Abertay claims to be the first U.K. university to offer a dedicated degree course in hacking. There are also ethical hacking courses and qualifications offered by private sector IT training organizations such as the Training Camp, which launched a course two years ago.”

My guess is that quite a few people who want to learn about hacking are more interested in how illegal computer attacks are performed and less interested in how they can be stopped. Besides a controlled university setting, do you know of other hacking resources that would appeal to the masses?