Employees are divided on how they feel about their jobs, according to a CareerBuilder report released on Tuesday. While 50% of employees said they viewed their current job as a career, the other half said they felt their current position was just a job, indicating some dissatisfaction with their current work situation.

The report, conducted by The Harris Poll, surveyed 1,021 hiring managers and HR managers, as well as 1,010 full-time US employees across industries. With so many employees unenthused about their current jobs, employers must reassess the employee experience to prevent turnover.

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“Job candidates are in the driver’s seat and are considering much more than salary when applying for jobs,” said Irina Novoselsky, CEO of CareerBuilder, in a press release. “Benefits, location, and commute time are increasingly important factors. To attract and retain talent, hiring managers will need to meet workers’ hiring, onboarding, and career expectations and provide the perks, work-life balance, and career advancement opportunities they demand.”

Educational opportunities are extremely important to employees, the report found. The majority (58%) of respondents said they don’t believe their company offers enough opportunities to upskill or help them advance their careers educationally. But 73% of employees said they would participate in educational workshops or classes outside of work if their companies offered them.

Benefits and convenience are becoming more important than compensation to the employee experience, the report found. Only 15% of employees cited low compensation as a top reason they left their last job. Employees instead pointed to other factors including benefits (75%) and commute time (59%) as important priorities in a job.

With 19% of employees actively seeking a new role, and 78% of employees saying they would be open to moving jobs if the right opportunity arose, employers should consider employee satisfaction and needs if they want to keep the talent around.
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