The last couple of days for me has been packed full of information on the latest technology. I have hit the Hands-On-Labs very hard the last couple days and I have learned a great deal. Let me tell you how they work at Tech-Ed.

Once you sit down at your computer, you have the option of starting a particular lab or finding a lab. Once you choose the lab, an interface opens up on your computer that takes advantage of Virtual Server and loads the particular lab that you want to use. You can follow the written lab on the interface or you can use the handout they provide.

Hands-On-Labs on one of favorite things about Tech-Ed. In the last two days, I probably ran through 2 dozen labs and have more to do as well. It is great to have time away to actively learn instead of trying to learn while putting out fires.

I am off to another lab as we speak and then I have several more sessions to attend.

Click the link to view my Hands-On-Labs gallery.