Apple saved itself from doom and relaunched itself with the introduction of the iMac 10 years ago. Here’s a recap and a question: What Mac did you first use?


I let pass (unintentionally) a mention last week of the 1oth anniversary of Apple’s iMac.  The iMac was announced in July 2008 and shipped August 15th, 1998. As funny looking as it was, the iMac helped turn Apple around and put it on the road to where it is today.

The iMac, as you probably remember, shipped in translucent cases of all sorts of different colors. Many people took potshots at the design, most notably the comic strip FoxTrot, which included an iMac-look-alike called the iFruit.

The first iMac out of the gate had a 233Mhz PowerPC CPU. It also included 32MB of RAM and a 4GB hard drive. The iMac predated OS X and was the last Macintosh shipped that had a direct OS link to the original Macintosh. It wasn’t a blazingly fast machine, especially when compared to some of the PCs of the day, but it was unique enough that it got Apple recognized again.

Apple had kind of wandered in the desert for a few years after Steve Jobs left. Apple tried to move the Mac more upstream into business with the Mac IIs and the Quadras. It had some limited success, but the wow factor was pretty much gone. The radical design of the iMac started Apple down the road that led to the other glitzy products we have now. It also helped produce the money Apple needed to produce the iPod, iPhone, and Macs we use today. Without it, Apple very well may not have survived.

What was your first Mac?

I’ve used a Mac here and there, but not that much. Both Jason Hiner and Bill Detwiler here at TechRepublic use MacBook Pros, mostly for video production work. The first Mac I ever used was an old Mac II LC that we had at back when I worked at The Cobb Group.

What was your first Mac? Or are you still Mac-free?