I’d like to take this opportunity to wish e-mail a happy 35th birthday. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Seriously. My mind is so used to communicating by e-mail that I want to use it in every facet of my life. I would like to have big Times Square-type display boards throughout my house on which I can post pithy time-saving comments for my family, like “Get it yourself” or “Turn that music down!”

And just think if every new car came standard with a little screen on the steering wheel just for e-mail. Oh the endless satisfaction of being able to IM some jerk who just cut you off in traffic.

How far we’ve come from that first e-mail message, “Mr. Watson, come here!” No, wait a minute, that was some other invention. I think the first e-mail message was, “Mr. Watson, LOL, I think I just invented e-mail. : )”

Of course, e-mail has been the cause of some really embarrassing moments for some people, as evidenced in this article from The Sun. While it is true that things like that could make one swear off e-mail, I will continue to enjoy its endless convenience. After all, I can always embarrass myself in this blog.