In my opinion, Fox either made an incredible mistake (or a marketing test) this weekend and it may kill auto racing as
we know it on TV.

For years I’ve been hinting to my wife that NASCAR was little more than WWF on wheels, (I used to refer to NASCAR as televised slot car racing until some tracks actually got turns in both directions) that is, it was far more about entertainment than actual racing.

I based that, in part, on the fact that I used to race REAL cars, not tubular frames with some paid for shell and a mandated HP engine, but completely different cars built by different companies, such as when I raced Sunbeam Tigers against Corvettes and Italian exotics.

(and, in part because I was associated with a couple of small dirt track teams).

You see, having raced real cars I know that the famous name driver doesn’t almost always win, it was a lot more about the actual different cars and random chance plus the driver’s skill.

So, when I was watching this weekend’s NASCAR race and told her 20 minutes in advance of the Yellow Flag that something would happen to let the big name catch up with the leaders and then saw an animation of race cars on a track, I knew the fix was not only in, but incredibly IN.

What I had NOT anticipated was that Fox network would be so blatant in making if obvious that NASACR was little more than a computer game – two people watching with us didn’t even realize that Fox had switched to an animation to illustrate some esoteric point (I believe it was where there were 3 cars and one of the three passed the other two, but don’t hold me to that).

Doesn’t anyone at Fox realize that eventually even the dumbest redneck will see that “REAL” NASCAR races could be replaced 100% (Not just 10-20%) by game-type computer animation?

What’s your opinion?

Should NASCAR be replaced by game animation?
Has this almost happened? If not, will it happen within the next 10 years?

Is the NFL next?