There’s a business concept called “a big hairy monkey.” Imagine that you’re in a meeting, and an issue is brought up that needs to be dealt with, but it’s conveniently ignored and when the meeting is over and everyone leaves the room, you turn your head and there is this big hairy monkey sitting there on the boardroom table staring at you. And until it’s taken care of, it will just sit there and stare, and drive you crazy.

Developing a business case may prove to be like that big hairy monkey too if you’re not sure how to deal with it. But fear not! The latest entry in TechRepublic’s free Cover Story series, How to develop a killer business case, gives you all you need to know to create a business case, including how to write the executive summary and objectives to what the critical areas every business case should cover. It also includes an actual business case document guide to use as a template.

Here’s how to get started in no time on creating that killer business case, whether you’re going to write it up or present it in a conversation.

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