Healthcare groups can be "perfect storm" of vulnerability to hackers

Cryptonite CEO Mike Simon details the most successful healthcare-related cyberbreaches and how could they have been prevented.

Healthcare groups can be "perfect storm" of vulnerability to hackers

Every industry is a target for hackers and a number of different hackers means you need to have a number of different solutions. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson met with Mike Simon, CEO of Cryptonite to discuss how hacks in the healthcare field will continue to grow in 2018, and how organizations can protect themselves. Whether or not we will see more hacks in the healthcare sector depends on a hacker's perspective, Simon said. The way hackers seek potential targets is by looking for easy access, the seriousness of an attack, and how much money they will get out of it, he added. "When you look at healthcare locations, it's sort of the perfect storm," Simon said. There are organizations that don't have a good amount of security professionals protecting the organization, and they also have medical devices that weren't designed to protect against attacks.

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The paradigm of healthcare hacks follow the same format as ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks begin internally, and then the attack spreads through the enterprise. By locking down the network and providing a ransom to the institution, the company's need to access patient information becomes profitable to hackers.This year is already showing signs of being the year of healthcare hacking, Simon said. The growing usage of Internet of Things (IoT) devices as the center of patient care, as well as the need to make information readily available to doctors, makes for the protection against hacking even more necessary.

"You have to invest in security professions and security technologies, [you] can't take the assumption that it's not going to happen to [you] and will happen to your neighbor. You have to take action," Simon said.

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