Heat up your foreign investments with our red-hot download on Brazil

With freer foreign investment rules and a privatized telecommunications sector, Brazil has become a hot IT opportunity in Latin America. Read more by downloading our IT World View on the fast-paced world of IT in Brazil.

Brazil has much to offer the foreign IT investor, including a declining inflation rate, a strong push for privatization, low labor costs, and new software and patent protection laws. But the biggest reason to invest in Brazil is that it is an enormous market—which is still growing.

In our download on Brazil, we cover everything of interest to the IT investor. We start with the overall economic state of Brazil and follow it with pointers on doing business in this foreign environment. We cover the different elements within the IT field, such as software, the telecom infrastructure, and the IT workforce in Brazil.

Whatever you need to know in examining your opportunity to invest in this quickly emerging market, you’ll find in this IT World View on Brazil.

Don’t wait any longer on your foreign investments; download our Brazil profile now.
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