Apparently, the Linux Foundation wants to get in on the advertising magic of the PC-Mac commercials by sponsoring its own video contest for Linux fans. Unfortunately, since mainstream advertisements on television don’t come free (as in beer), they probably won’t be featured during the Super Bowl any time soon (or even between re-runs of Matlock), but there are prizes! First of all, here’s the basic idea from the Linux Foundation site:

In 60 seconds or less, showcase your take on “I’m Linux.” This should be why you love it and should inspire others to use it. The video can be an extensive production, a plain testimonial or as simple as a screen capture with a voice over. Be creative, be authentic and have fun.

The winner of the contest gets a free trip to the Japan Linux Symposium in October 2009 and the winning video will also be featured at the Linux Foundation’s Collaboration Summit in San Francisco on April 8, 2009. So…any takers? A trip to Tokyo would be pretty cool.

Now, in the realm of fantasy, since Microsoft can snag the likes of Jerry Seinfeld to pitch its products, who would you choose as an appropriately maverick celeb endorser of Linux? Vote for your favorite (and of course, nominate your own, since none of my choices is likely to please).