TechRepublic is creating a site FAQ, and we want to know what you — the TechRepublic community — think we should put in it. We already have a few FAQs, but they aren’t easy to find, especially for new users who come to the site for the first time.

Here’s a quick list of the FAQs that we’ve already published:

In the discussion thread, please share what you think are the best practices for being involved in the TechRepublic community. We will compile some of the best answers in the new site FAQ.

[Update 11/23/10 – In the discussion thread, TR member Palmetto suggested that we create a Wiki page, and we thought that was an excellent idea. Please help create the TechRepublic FAQ Wiki. You can log in using Facebook credentials, but we encourage you to create a Wikia account with a username that’s the same as your TR username. If you use your Facebook account to log in – or create a completely different username – please be sure to include your TR username in your post/edit.]