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Ever found yourself trying to figure out why features for a mobile app you have used countless times, are no longer functioning correctly? You checked the settings, you uninstalled the app, you installed it back again and still the features are not functioning correctly. Frustrating isn’t it? This is where TechRepublic member wolvofella has found themselves and has turned to the TechRepublic community for assistance in helping them figure out what could be the issue.

TechRepublic member wolvofella writes, “Hello, I use the Microsoft Word app on Android, when I use to open a document it offered a “pick up where you left off” thing – that saved me scrolling all the way down before I started again… it has stopped doing that, any idea why? or how I can get that feature back?

Also, it used to save names that I had in the document, and auto type them when it realized I was typing a particular name.. its stopped doing that too. Help?”

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