Whether your client’s site contains detailed catalogs of products or hundreds of research papers, choosing a content management system (CMS) with the manageability features you require may be trying. More than 180 products are available, and weeding through the sales pitches or finding an unbiased recommendation can be nearly impossible.

To make matters worse, the many pitfalls can make CMS implementations a minefield for consultants. For example, how do you know if your client is ready to add a CMS? How can you prove that it’s a solid business strategy that will provide an adequate return on investment (ROI)?

Check out these resources
TechRepublic authors have written several articles that may be helpful in choosing the best CMS for your clients, or even your own site. We’ve gathered links and descriptions for seven selections to provide a bird’s-eye view of TechRepublic’s CMS offerings.

  • “CMS site helps companies research product info and content issues”
    CMSWatch.com provides unbiased information about products with a track record of serving a critical mass of clients to help midsize to large enterprises figure out their options. Find out how this site can help you sort valuable information from marketing hype.
  • “Defining CMS content requirements”
    When you’re helping a client choose a CMS, you must be thorough in your investigation of the organization’s requirements for content. Use these tips from a content management expert to choose a CMS that delivers what your client needs.
  • “Defining CMS technical requirements”
    Beyond how an organization uses content, consultants must evaluate the technical requirements involved in a CMS implementation. Here’s advice on who to talk to, what to ask them, and how to avoid common pitfalls when determining the technical issues at a client’s site.
  • “What counts in choosing the right CMS”
    Learn the most important factors involved in a CMS implementation from four CMS gurus. They were asked to provide a 30-second speech about the best approach to selecting a CMS, and the advice they give probably isn’t what you expect.
  • “CMS strategy: Don’t put the cart before the horse”
    Just because a client says they’re ready for a full-scale CMS implementation doesn’t mean they are. The first step is to outline why a CMS is necessary, what problems it will solve, and whether it can be integrated with existing processes. This article provides tactical advice for developing a business strategy for a CMS implementation.
  • “Consider these factors when determining ROI on a CMS”
    Implementing a CMS solution can be a significant investment. Unclench the tight fists of CIOs by showing the ROI that a CMS can offer. This article offers tips for calculating the ROI of a CMS solution.
  • “The right content manager can make a CMS hum”
    As part of a CMS engagement, you may be asked to help choose a content manager to take over when you’re gone. Find out one expert’s views on the content manager role and responsibilities, and why it’s critical to find the perfect candidate for the job.

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