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If your iPad Pro keeps restarting randomly it can drive you crazy. It can restart when you were just about to reach the new high score playing your favorite game or maybe you were on Facetime. So what is causing this annoying issue? This is where TechRepublic member kbmaligat is wondering and has turned to the TechRepublic community for assistance in helping them figure out what is causing their iPad Pro to randomly restart.

TechRepublic member kbmaligat writes, “Hi my iPad Pro Wifi 12.5” (2015) keeps restarting. And upon restart the battery indicates 1% battery status, and after 1 minute or so the indicator returns to the original state of battery. This happens randomly even when the unit is charged.

I already restored and updated the iOS and even reset it to factory settings. Could this be a battery problem? And can I have my unit replaced even if it is already out of warranty? Thanks!”

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