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Have you ever done something, and immediately afterwards you realized – THAT was a bad bad bad idea! What was I thinking?!? This is where TechRepublic member nececelery is currently finding themselves, after having done something that is now causing their laptop to not boot up, so they have turned to the TechRepublic community for assistance.

TechRepublic member nececelery writes, “I have a Lenovo Yoga 710, and yesterday I did something rather stupid.

I shut my laptop down and used a paperclip to take some stuff out of a USB port, that came out fine but I’d forgotten that the port was an always-on.

I tried to charge my phone using the always on, to see if it would now work. It didn’t. So then I tried to turn on my laptop.

The power light turns on for a few seconds, then turns back off. The keyboard does not light up like it usually does, nothing is displayed on the screen like the Lenovo/Windows loading thing. I don’t think it’s booting up.

If I plug the charger in, the led light comes on so I think that’s okay, at least. I did some googling and found someone’s laptop (Mac) had shut down to prevent hardware damage or whatever and I was just wondering, could that be what my laptop has done? It’s quite new, I think only coming out in the last couple of years maybe?

I hope it is that because the other person only had to take out the battery and put it back in, then my only problem will be finding a screwdriver.

It has a warranty so I could use that but I don’t want to tell my parents. Will opening the case void it?

Thanks in advance!

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